Find A Fantastic Bargain At Our Vehicle Auctions In Belfast

Our vehicle auctions in Belfast can provide an easy and convenient way to find a great car at a great price. There are such a huge variety of cars on offer at our vehicle auctions that you benefit from a huge choice under one roof - so you're not limited to a particular make, as you may be with a dealership, and you get to view a wide range of cars all at the same time.

By choosing our vehicle auctions in Belfast, you can buy a car without the additional expenses involved with purchasing from a garage. When you buy a car from a car dealer, you are in essence buying a used car, the same as at a vehicle auction, but with the additional premium of the dealer's own profit. Vehicle auctions are very popular with dealers, as they know they can pick up a bargain and then sell it on at a higher price. Therefore, it stands to reason that by cutting that extra person out of the deal, you can purchase the car that you want without the higher price tag. It also means that you can look at a much higher volume of cars in one visit, rather than traipsing around many different dealerships and garages which will take up a lot more of your precious time.

The Advantages Of Buying A Repossessed Car at Auction

One of the great advantages to coming along to one of our vehicle auctions in Belfast is that one of the types of motor auctions we hold are for repossessed vehicles (click here to see the different kinds of vehicle auctions that we offer. If you're looking for a relatively new car at a highly competitive price, our repossessed vehicle auctions are perfect.

When somebody buys a new car on credit terms, the vehicle remains, in part, the property of the finance company issuing the loan for the purchase - if the purchaser is unable to make the repayments as laid out in their credit terms, the finance company will take back possession of the car. If this happens, the finance company just want to sell the car on as quickly as possible, so that they can get the money back and close the file - vehicle auctions are the best way for them to sell these cars, as they do not need to advertise the cars for sale themselves or deal with the additional administration involved. These high value, low priced cars are a very attractive proposition for both dealers and private buyers - you get more for your money and, in the case of a dealer, you can sell the car on again at a profit.

A Wide Variety Of Vehicle Auctions

At Belfast City Auctions, we offer a comprehensive range of vehicle auctions in Northern Ireland. You can find excellent bargains at our fleet car auctions, trade car auctions, repossession vehicles auctions and private sale auctions. We follow rigorous procedures to ensure that our customers can buy safely, including finance, police and registration checks, mileage declarations and major damage and insurance declarations too.
For more information about buying a car at our trusted vehicle auctions in Northern Ireland, click on the link to read our Buyer's Guide.
Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our friendly staff, feel free to contact us about our vehicle auctions in Belfast now - we are ready and waiting to help you!

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