How Do Our Motor Auctions In Northern Ireland Work?

If you're thinking of selling a car at one of our motor auctions in Northern Ireland, it can be beneficial to attend a live auction prior to selling, in order to understand how the motor auction process works. The first thing to ensure if you are intending on selling a call through our motor auction services, is that you have all of the necessary documentation and paperwork ready for submission upon entering your vehicle into our motor auctions. This includes your V5 registration document, MOT, tax disc and service history.

When a car is sold at our motor auctions in Northern Ireland, you will be asked to complete something called an 'entry form' - it is vital that all details on this document are completed as clearly as possible, for two reasons. Firstly, our auctioneer will use the information on your entry form to describe the vehicle to the motor auction audience - potential bidders will be listening carefully to the details described. The second reason for completing your entry form clearly and honestly is that there are Trading Standard laws in place to protect buyers - if you provide misleading information, there is a risk that you could be prosecuted for inaccuracy. If you are unsure as to how to go about completing your entry form, feel free to ask any of our motor auction staff, who will be happy to explain the various criteria and offer help should you need it.

How The Bidding and Sale Process Works

During our motor auctions in Northern Ireland, each car will be brought in, one at a time, and placed in the auction hall where bidders can see the lot that is about to be presented. The auctioneer will go through all relevant details and start the bidding off. Potential purchasers will make their gesture to bid - this continues until the auctioneer is satisfied that there are no more bids forthcoming.

If you have set a reserve price on your vehicle and this is not met by the time bidding has finished, the auctioneer may allow a provisional sale - our motor auction staff will then contact you (if you are not present at the live auction) to see if you are prepared to negotiate on the price. Remember that there will be a commission to pay if you are successful in selling your vehicle at our motor auctions Northern Ireland - you can find details of this in our motor auction seller's guide.

If your vehicle is not sold at the first motor auction, it will be entered into another two consecutive auctions, unless you choose to collect the car and try to sell it elsewhere. After three consecutive motor auctions, if the vehicle is still unsold, we will ask you to collect the vehicle or you will have to pay a storage fee.

Additional Services At Our Motor Auctions In Northern Ireland

At Belfast City Auctions, we aim to provide a friendly and comprehensive service for all of your motor auction needs in Northern Ireland. Additional services that we offer to help you sell your car at our motor auctions include vehicle appraisals and valuations, preparation of performance reports and, for a fee, we can arrange to collect your vehicle for you and bring it to our motor auction house and we also offer a high-quality valeting service if you require.

Because we now live in a digital world, the viewing and bidding of cars at our motor auctions can also be carried out through our website. This means that by selling your vehicle in our motor auctions in Northern Ireland, you can reach out to thousands more potential buyers.

If you would like any further information or assistance regarding our motor auctions in Northern Ireland please feel free to contact our auction house staff via the link, who will be happy to help.

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