Electric Vehicle Approved Accreditation

24th January 2024

City Auction Group Receives EV Accreditation 


The Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) scheme has been developed by the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) to recognise retailers’ excellence in the electric vehicle sector. EVA is endorsed by the Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and Energy Saving Trust.


The scheme encourages automotive specialists to further develop their ability in selling and managing electric vehicles. It recognises dealers’ expertise in the electric vehicle sector and promotes industry standards for the benefit of the consumer.


Following two extremely successful years, which saw over two-hundred dealers obtain accredited status, the Government has renewed its co-sponsorship of the scheme.


Energy Saving Trust independently audits individual dealerships to verify that they meet a set of standards covering EV sales and aftersales. These include the customer qualification process, staff knowledge and training, EV demonstration and handover processes as well as availability of EV service bays and charge points on site.


Our EV Values 


• To gain the accreditation, our staff have undertaken intensive training.

• All colleagues must also show a solid understanding of all electric and hybrid model variants.

• Aftersales and technical staff have also received comprehensive training.

• Areas where our staff have demonstrated their knowledge include: charging an EV, different driving modes and their impacts, electric driving range and fuel consumption for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), guidance on servicing and maintenance of an EV etc.


Michael Tomalin CEO commented: “We are delighted to receive our EVA accreditation. Our Customers can be reassured that at City Auction Group and PurpleRock they will receive the best advice and support when buying/managing an electric vehicle.”