PurpleRock Papworth New Preparation Centre

29th July 2022

We are delighted to announce that PurpleRock will open its first centre at Papworth, West Cambridge comprising of 20 acres to include secure vehicle storage including compound management services, vehicle repair and preparation and finally our logistics team to support vehicle delivery requirements. 
Michael Tomalin CEO stated ‘We have worked double time to make this happen before our target time of Q1 2023 and we are proud to announce this facility to the corporate automotive sector. The incredible news is we are nigh on full to capacity prior to the opening date in August with new business secured in recent weeks. I would like to personally thank the key senior management team who are working tirelessly to drive our business to the next level’. 
For further information on our portfolio of PurpleRock services please contact myself or Maria Avery at corporate@cityauctiongroup.com.