Vehicle Grading System

City Auction Group grade all vehicles to the following standards. All vehicles are sold as seen and without any mechanical warranty.

All tyre conditions and vehicle interiors do not fall under City Auction Group grading standards.

Grade A

The vehicle is in excellent condition, with only minor or no defects in panel surfaces, these would not require body or paintwork, although limited quality repairs may have been performed. Vehicles are in a condition which is ready to submit for retail sale, these vehicles will require no remedial work to body panels, paintwork, interior or glass, & without items/parts missing. These vehicles would be suitable for sale to a retail customer.

Grade B

The vehicle is better than average with only minor chips or scratches in panel surfaces which may require minor body and paint work or paint dent repair. Vehicles that if some limited minor body repairs were carried out the cars would then be a grade A, i.e. minor stone chips, scratches to bumpers/mouldings, removal of minor dents.

Grade C

The vehicle has normal wear and tear (for example, parking lot dings, small scratches, chips and/or minor broken parts). It may require minor conventional body and paintwork or replacement of parts. Vehicles that will require up to 3 panels that would require body shop repairs i.e. scratches/scuffs, dents that would not repair and unsatisfactory repairs that would require refinish.

Grade D

The vehicle shows signs of excessive wear and tear. The body may have dents, scratches and body panels that require replacement. Parts may be broken or missing. Vehicles that will require 4 or more panels to have body shop repairs.

Grade E

The vehicle shows signs of severe abuse or may have sustained major damage.

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