Belfast Buyer Terms and Conditions

It is the responsibility of the buyer to take particular care in checking the description, mileage and condition of the vehicle of interest prior to sale. Descriptions are displayed in the window of each vehicle. City Auction Group is not responsible for any misprints.

Vehicles are auctioned under the following conditions:

Auction Event

The auction sale will commence at the time stated and cars will normally be offered in lot number order. Each vehicle will display a windscreen description banner detailing all relevant information available to the auction house at time of entry.

Buyers Number

All potential buyers should obtain a buyers number prior to bidding. This is available from Reception for a deposit of £500 payable by cash or personal debit card and is fully refundable if you are unsuccessful at the auction event.

Sold as Seen

All vehicles of any age, make or model are offered on a 'sold as seen' basis therefore you must inspect the vehicle you purchase prior to bidding. There is no comeback whatsoever on the vehicle purchased.

Provisional Sale

The bidding on a vehicle may stop slightly short of the reserve price. At this point, the auctioneer may offer the last/highest bidder the option to purchase subject to further negotiation with the vendor.

These cases usually result in a successful completed sale and normal requirements for a deposit applies, as do standard auction rules.

Digital Online Sales

Digital online sales which are delivered by arrangement must if any issues to vehicles bodywork or mechanical condition be reported to relevant centre by close of play on day of arrival, no exceptions.


City Auction Group requires vendors to submit all relevant paperwork associated with their vehicle upon entry. In the case where a vehicle is sold without relevant V5 documentation the purchaser is required to apply to the DVLNI at a cost of £30, for new paperwork to be issued.

Title and Insurance

Immediately after purchase the buyer must ensure the vehicle(s) is fully insured. Post sale vehicles are stored at the owners risk if insurance is not secured.

Vehicle Delivery

Arrangement for transportation of vehicles can be confirmed after sale at the main reception desk. Deliveries will be added to your invoice at time of payment.

Online bidding

All vehicle auctions have online buying capabilities. To register for this service contact the main reception office or register at Each vehicle purchased online incurs an additional cost of £37.50+VAT (£45) per unit purchased subject to value added tax charged at the standard rate.

Vehicle Details

Whilst due care and attention is given to ensure the accuracy of the contents of the auction catalogue we will accept no responsibility for any omissions or misdescriptions contained therein. The auction catalogue and windscreen description banner are for guidance purposes only and it is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the vehicle and satisfy themselves of the specification and condition both mechanical and cosmetically prior to bidding.

Auction Terms

All vehicles no matter age, price, make or model are ‘sold as seen’. No comeback whatsoever is acceptable on any vehicle purchased at our auction events.

Health and Safety

All minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult to attend any auction held at our auction centres.

Buyers Premium

A fee (plus V.A.T.) is charged on the purchase price of each vehicle. This enables City Auction Group to check that the vehicle is not subject to any outstanding hire purchase agreements, is not recorded as stolen and has not been written off by any insurance company as the result of an accident. Buyers premiums are as follows and payable on all vehicles.

Cars and Commercial Vans

Buyer Fees

Sale Price Buyer Fee
£0.01 - £299.99 £95.00
£300 - £999.99 £125.00
£1,000 - £1,999.99 £195.00
£2,000 - £2,999.99 £205.00
£3,000 - £3,999.99 £215.00
£4,000 - £4,999.99 £245.00
£5,000 - £5,999.99 £275.00
£6,000 - £6,999.99 £305.00
£7,000 - £7,999.99 £335.00
£8,000 - £8,999.99 £365.00
£9,000 - £9,999.99 £395.00
£10,000 - £10,999.99 £425.00
£11,000 - £11,999.99 £455.00

Thereafter £30 per £1,000

All subject to VAT at the standard rate.

Health Check

Please note that mechanical health checks are only valid until 5pm of the day after sale to confirm any mechanical defects. 18 point health check is subject to a £45.00+VAT.

Commercial Vehicles, Plant Machinery

Buyers Premium is charged on the purchase price of plant and machinery.

Full Payment must be received within 48 hours of purchase. All vehicles remain the property of City Auction Group until item has been paid in full. No item may leave the premises until full payment is received and administration is cleared.

Payment accepted by CASH, BANK TRANSFER and PERSONAL DEBIT CARDS. CHEQUES NOT ACCEPTED. Euro rates are available.

At the fall of the hammer, the vehicle becomes the responsibility of the purchaser and it is in the buyer's interest to pay for and ensure it at the earliest opportunity. Please note this is a legal contract and cannot be revoked.

If you have any further questions regarding buying a vehicle at our auctions, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

Payment Terms

All transactions must be fully paid within 24 hours after sale.

Cash Handling Charge

A charge of 0.7% will be charged on all cash payments

We recommend payments by alternative means:

Personal Debit Card

Electronic bank transfer or Bankers Draft

Please Note: If the vehicle is not paid in full within 24hrs a storage charge of £20+VAT per day will be implemented