Buyers Guide

Buying Vehicles

Cars sold through City Auction Group's motor auctions reflect all popular makes and models on the road, at trade prices. We make buying a car convenient, showing at least 100 cars at every auction, all on site.

At City Auction Group we make every effort to offer our customers what they are looking for in price, choice and convenience. For many people buying at auction is a daunting experience and we aim to make buying as easy and trouble free as possible.

Buying a car at auction? See our simple steps below.

Before the Auction

Read our auction entry listings online.
View the vehicle/s of interest prior to auction. Description labels displayed on vehicle windscreens will provide tax expiry date, year, model, mileage, etc.
Fill in buyers number card at auction office.

During the Auction

How to bid

Catch the attention of the auctioneer.
Once the auctioneer and clerk are aware you are bidding, they will look back at you throughout the auction for further bids.
Show (if successful) your buyer number to the auctioneer after the fall of the hammer.

After the Auction

Pay a minimum £500 deposit immediately to secure your vehicle. Full name and address will be recorded.

Obtain vehicle after full payment has been received. Full payment is required within 24 hours of purchase. Details of payment proceedings are below.

Tips for buying

It is important to take special care to listen to the auctioneer. The auctioneer may advise on the amount of previous owners, whether the vehicle has registration documents or if any faults have been declared. Bidding usually increases in £50 or £100 increments. Be aware of how much you are bidding each time.

For any further information on our car auctions, please contact our friendly staff in person or by phone on 028 9081 3775.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to take particular care in checking the description, mileage and condition of the vehicle of interest prior to sale. Descriptions are displayed in the window of each vehicle. City Auction Group Rockingham is not responsible for any misprints.

Vehicles are auctioned under the following conditions:

Sold as Seen:

All vehicles of any age, make or model are offered on a 'sold as seen' basis therefore you must inspect the vehicle you purchase prior to bidding. There is no comeback whatsoever on the vehicle purchased.

Provisional Sale:

The bidding on a vehicle may stop slightly short of the reserve price. At this point, the auctioneer may offer the last/highest bidder the option to purchase subject to further negotiation with the vendor.

These cases usually result in a successful completed sale and normal requirements for a deposit applies, as do standard auction rules.


City Auction Group requires vendors to submit all relevant paperwork associated with their vehicle upon entry. In the case where a vehicle is sold without relevant V5 documentation the purchaser is required to apply to the DVLNI in Coleraine at a cost of £30, for new paperwork to be issued.

Buyers Premium

A fee (plus V.A.T.) is charged on the purchase price of each vehicle. This enables City Auction Group to check that the vehicle is not subject to any outstanding hire purchase agreements, is not recorded as stolen and has not been written off by any insurance company as the result of an accident. Buyers premiums are as follows and payable on all vehicles.


Buyer Fees

Sale Price Buyer Fee
£0.01 - £499.99 £90.00
£500 - £1,999.99 £135.00
£2,000 - £2,999.99 £165.00
£3,000 - £3,999.99 £185.00
£4,000 - £4,999.99 £205.00
£5,000 - £5,999.99 £225.00
£6,000 - £6,999.99 £245.00
£7,000 - £7,999.99 £265.00
£8,000 - £8,999.99 £285.00
£9,000 - £9,999.99 £305.00
£10,000 - £10,999.99 £325.00
£11,000 - £11,999.99 £345.00
£12,000 - £12,999.99 £365.00
£13,000 - £13,999.99 £385.00
£14,000 - £14,999.99 £405.00
£15,000 - £15,999.99 £425.00

Thereafter £30 per £1,000

Online buying fee is £35 + VAT.

All subject to VAT at the standard rate.

Please note that mechanical health checks are only valid until 5pm of the day after sale to confirm any mechanical defects.

Commercial Vehicles, Plant Machinery

Buyers Premium is charged on the purchase price of commercial vehicles, plant and machinery.

Full Payment must be received within 48 hours of purchase. All vehicles remain the property of City Auction Group until item has been paid in full. No item may leave the premises until full payment is received and administration is cleared.

Payment accepted by CASH, BANKERS DRAFT and SWITCH. Major CREDIT CARDS also accepted at a 3% charge of the total invoice value. CHEQUES NOT ACCEPTED. Euro rates are available.

At the fall of the hammer, the vehicle becomes the responsibility of the purchaser and it is in the buyer's interest to pay for and ensure it at the earliest opportunity. Please note this is a legal contract and cannot be revoked.

If you have any further questions regarding buying a vehicle at our car auctions, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

Payment Terms

All transactions must be fully paid within 24 hours after sale.

Cash Handling Charge

A charge of 0.7& will be charged on all cash payments

We recommend payments by alternative means:

[Visa Debit, Mastercard debit, maestro, visa electron, and switch.]

Electronic bank transfer or Bankers Draft

Please Note: If the vehicle is not paid in full within 24hrs a storage charge of £5 per day will be implemented

Rockingham centre late payment: Any payment outstanding after 5 days from purchase, will incur a £250+ VAT late payment charge. No exceptions.